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How It Works

Consumers are usually directed to the Service Work Center from the Network of Business or by an internet search. Consumers interested in Home Improvements can search for licensed contractors and service worker professionals who work in the area in which they have a job service need. They can contact any of our Service Workers directly, however, most consumers prefer our Free Service which provides more favorable results and is an easier way to proceed. Consumers simply complete an online service request form, with answers to a few pertinent questions such as Job Description, Job Location, etc. Consumers are provided with qualifications and reviews about these Service Workers so they can make informative decisions on who to hire.

We require concise job requirements so we can match the job project to the best local service workers. Our CompuMatcher automatically selects three of the Best Local Service Workers and we direct these selected Service Workers to provide you with a Free Consultation and Estimate of Job Costs for your project. After reviewing their proposals, you are better able to make a decision. You are not obligated to hire anyone.

Our CompuMatcher also presents you with a Profile Page of each Service Worker, which includes full information on their company. We also provide the Service Worker's website, their office and cell phone, email and contact information. Consumers can contact them directly.

CompuMatcher targets geographic areas where Service Workers like to work, simply because it saves on travel time.

We do no charge Service Workers for your contact information (leads) and we do not receive commission on your job project; our service is also Free to the Consumer. Consumers can search our Contractors and Professionals Directory FREE to Directly Connect with Local Service Workers, BUT why Stop there when you can use our entire program at NO COST!

Service Workers can't perform a Cost Estimate without Seeing your Job Project, so to avoid multiple, time consuming visits to your home, SWC developed the "CompuMatcher" with "Live Video Connector."

Upon registration, you can search our Directory to locate and contact service workers directly or you can answer a few job project questions, which are then fed into the SWC CompuMatcher so we can Match your Requirements and Job Description to a Local Qualified Service Worker.

You can also use a web cam or cell phone camera to send photos or a video of the work project. Pictures Save Thousands of Words and a Lot of Time!

Equally important, you can use our "Live Video Connector," to instantly InterAct with the Service Worker. Seeing & Talking Live enables you to decide if you want to invite the Service Worker to visit your home to bid on your job.

Our Free Service enables you to Compare Offers and Select the Best Service Worker for your job. There are No Costs to Consumers nor are there any Referral Lead Charges to Service Workers.